Help Identifying Swedish (?) Mark Please

Kindly help me identify this mark. I’ve not had any luck searching online. Thank you!

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I believe it’s silver plate, not solid silver.

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I agree. NS: Nickel Silver perhaps; ALP: Alpacca (another name for a base metal alloy); 12GR: 12 grams of silver used in plating a full set (probably).



Thanks very much. Very helpful!

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Swede here. Other replies are correct. NS stands for ‘nysilver’, meaning ‘new silver’ (also known as nickel silver, i.e. epNS).

Fun fact: FAK (Fabriksaktiebolaget Kronsilver) was quite a well regarded company, their most famous designer Nils Fougstedt (who very likely designed your piece of cutlery) later went on to found Firma Svenskt Tenn - Swedens perhaps most known decorative arts and interior design company. Fougstedts pewter, EPNS and bronze designs are highly sought after today, if the object is the ‘right one’ :slight_smile:

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Wow, great information. Thank you so much!