help identifying this hallmark please

hi everybody, i have two questions: who is the manufacturer and what is it? ! i think it’s a pickle castor stand? it measures 5" across the bottom and the lid is 4.5" tall. has the lion mark, 030 and what looks like PLATE. thanks very much for your help! i did try to find this but no luck. bobbie

ps - i am curious about the lion mark - i don’t think this is sterling because it appears to be marked as plated and has some pitting and i know some mfrs show the lion but none that match this one exactly that i’ve found which is more like the lion passant - . anyhow, if anyone has any thoughts, i would appreciate. or if i posted it in the wrong spot, let me know! thx, bobbie

Hi Bobbie and thanks for joining us. It is not sterling as the lion is the wrong one for the UK lion passant…the UK lion is waving his paw. It is a silver plate mark and I don’t recognize it. Perhaps some of our other readers can help?


Uncle Vic

thanks, uncle vic! do you think it’s a pickle castor stand?