Help identifying W&H hallmarks. Is it silver or silverp

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone could help me identify this Walker and Hall crumb tray. It looks like it has a lion standard and by the lettering looks like maybe 1903 but I’m not very confident in my identifications since I’m relatively new at this. If anyone can say whether it is silver or plated or if you know anything about the piece in general that would be a huge help. Any information at all would be much appreciated. Thank you!
W&H Whole Tray.jpg
W&H Close up.jpg

This is a silver hallmark and you are correct with 1903. However the mark only applies to the ferrule and not to the main part of the crumb tray which, if silver, should have its own set of marks. From the look of it it is silver plated with some plate loss. The handle appears to be antler.