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help identifying worn hallmarks!


I recently bought a hunting whip in a bric a brac shop and am trying to find out a little more about it. I believe due to its length and construction it is probably a reasonable age, but almost all the marks are so worn I am unable to tell whether the collar is even silver (though I think it is) let alone any further information about date/location.

You can see there is a clear WS in an oblong with the corners missing, but the two others are rather rubbed. It looks as though there may have been a third mark which has rubbed off entirely as there is a faint outline of a rectangle, probably not visible in the photo.

I would be most grateful if anyone could apply their experience and expertise to tell me more about these marks!

It’s a bit tricky to photograph as it’s not a flat surface, but here is another attempt which hopefully shows the marks a little more clearly

I held off my reply in case any one else had any thoughts but I suspect that we won’t have any good answer for you. I really can’t see anything which I might have expected to see (lion passant and assay office perhaps) as the marks are too indistinct.

That’s ok, thought it was at least worth asking in case anyone had seen anything like this - thanks to everyone who looked at it.