Help I'm Lost

:laughing: Just a newbie trying to find the Post button and send a picture for help in idenfiying some of my grandmother or great grandmothers silver unfortunately it has no numbers, letters, pictures…where do I gooooo? :blush:

Well, you seem to have got that picture uploaded OK and your question has reached the forum, so you have managed to get over the first hurdle - it should be easier now that you know how to do that!

Unfortunately with no sort of markings on your items it’s going to be well nigh impossible to make any definite identifications. In addition we tend to to follow the the rule which says that if there is no marking indicating silver content then it probably isn’t silver.

:cry: there’s no way to identify it by the unusual markings “in” the spoon, or the handle, or the top? With a lady and man - is that really that common?..As for no markings is it possible that these are so old - I believe that were brought to the USA from Norway well over 100 yrs ago, that there weren’t trademarks then? I don’t mean to sound desperate but I’m really frustrated trying to figure it out.

Any assistance, guidance, or resources you can give me would be greatly appreciated.