HELP - Is it British? Need help identifying mark on silver

I am not sure if this item is silver or silver plate or where it comes from. It has the marks SS & S on the base. The first ‘S’ is in a shield with a dip in the top, the second ‘S’ in a shield with a peak in the top, the ampersand is in a circle and the last ‘S’ is in a shield with a flat top. The letters are in script. There are no other marks on the pot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :confused:
silver pot_smll.JPG

“S S & S” is almost certainly the maker but unless there are other marks elsewhere it is not solid silver. Almost all civilised countries in the world have a mark to show the purity of silver - e.g. 925, 900, 800. In the UK we have Sterling or Britannia silver marks.