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Help me identify silver I have purchased & family heirlo

I have recently aquired 3 pieces and can’t find any information on them. The hallmark is not very clear, all I can make out are the numbers. What I believe makes them rare is the feet and heads above, they are camels! I can’t find anything with a camel head and feet. HELP! My questions are… is it English? How rare might they be? How much might they be worth? Also, I have 2 silver apples that are family heirlooms but don’t know much other than my great-grandfather worked at Sheffield Silver in the late 1800’s and I was told that he made these. Can you tell me anything about the apples. I can’t get a good hallmark photo but will try to describe it. A shield with a circle inside then inside the circle there are 5 outer dots and one dot in the middle. Under that are letters in an arc, the first 2 are in the first block LR in the second block BPNS and the last block A1. Under that is Made in Sheffield England and under that the number 3526. They appear to maybe be sugar bowls? About 5 inches high and a diameter of 5 inches also. The top lifts off and has a curved stem on top. There is a frosted glass bowl inside.
I have not been able to download any pictures to attach, so if you email me at I can send a separate email to anyone who might be able to help me as long as I have your email address.

Thank you for any information you have.


As you’ve probably guessed, without a decent photo no-one is going to guess what you have! I’ll give it a stab though - If it’s English (“Sheffield” could be the USA company) it will be silver plate. All British silver had to be hallmarked with it’s grade, assay office and year from about 1478. I’d guess that the “BPNS” mark you mention is probably “EPNS” = Electro-plated Nickel Silver. It’s the “NS” part that’s the giveaway.

If the marks you mention are the only marks then someone might be able to tell you more about the manufacturer and age of the silver-plate. You really need to publish a photo.