Help me identify

I found this spoon, while detecting. Its a bit tarnished at the moment.
But trying to find information on the makers mark S.J

Difficult to tell because of the distortion. It’s probably a London mark and from the position of the marks mid-18th century. I have noted an unidentified S·J mark with hallmark dates 1765-1768 which might be the same as yours but there is not enough detail remaining in your mark to confirm:

The maker will remain unidentified as his mark registration has been lost.


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Thanks for the reply, phil.
Will clean it up with baking soda and foil to see if i can get the tarnish off.
But comparing the pic you posted and the mark on the spoon.
They both look remarkably similar with the letter j especially.
Appreciate your thoughts

Use silver polish. Baking soda and foil will just erode the silver - it’s about the worst method of cleaning silver.

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Thanks for the tip,bit of elbow grease and polish.
Started to come up well.