Help needed, Identify

I am trying to help my mom to identify this, any help or info is welcome.

Thanks in advanced

For the images with marks:

  • (A) [R] [P] [symbol] [L] {EP}: this is an electroplate mark of R Pringle & Sons of London. A is the manufacturer’s own judgment on plating quality where A1 is the best and A second best quality.

  • [M&G] (NS) {trade mark}: M&G are the initials of the manufacturer (not known to me) and NS stands for nickel silver. This is a base metal alloy which contains no silver at all.

  • GEBR. HEPP: Gebruder Hepp (Hepp Brothers) are a German company noted for the production of hotel silverware. As the piece is not otherwise marked it is at best electroplated. The company is still in business with a web site here.

  • Fish knife & fork: These were made in Germany by WMF (Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik). They are electroplated with “I/O” indicating WMF’s normal plate quality.


Thanks very much :grinning: