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Help needed identifying hallmarks


I’ve recently bought a knife and fork set as well as some sugar tongs from Glasgow, and was wondering if anyone could help me identify the hallmarks on both? I’ve tried researching for myself but can’t quite pin down the stamps on any reference sites. Also, I’m not too sure if they’re solid silver or only plated?

Firstly, the knife and fork. Each has the same set of stamps, although one seems to have the maker’s mark first, and the knife also has a extra bit on the back…



Secondly, the sugar tongs…



I’d greatly appreciate any help in identifying these two sets of markings, as we’ve spent hours learning about stamps, but have had no luck in finding out anything about the pieces.

Thanks a lot,

Hi James,

Welcome to the forum.

Strictly speaking none of the marks which you show are hallmarks as these only appear on solid silver and your knife and fork set and tongs are not silver.

The trademark on the knife and fork is that of Joseph Rodgers & Sons of Sheffield. I’m not sure of the meaning of the P and the S, but the date (see below) is a little too early for electroplate. The diamond shaped mark is a registration mark and gives details of the design registration. This site is a good one for interpreting registration marks. Your mark shows that the object is metal and that the design was registered on February 29th 1848. It might be worth taking a close look at the ferrules (the metal rings between handle and blade/tine) as these might be silver with their own hallmarks.

The makers of the tongs are James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield. NS is nickel silver which is an alloy containing no silver.