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Help needed please identifying silver marks, French?

I would be most grateful if anyone could please help in identifying these marks that are stamped on the bottom of what appears to be a ‘silver’ bowl. Please see picture of marks, one mark is a ‘P’ which possibly has a crown on top and the other mark seems to be an ‘A’ which is also part of a crown. The third mark is virtually rubbed away.
Many thanks in advance.

For some reason I can’t add image, reduced it to 190kb but does not load!?

A picture would be a great help. If you are getting an error message about picture size being less than 500 pixels wide or high then you need to reduce the size even more - it’s not just a matter of file size.

Many thanks for your advice, I have now posted a picture.

For me these marks have the feel of being Hanau pseudo-marks. You might like to check out the illustrations on this page to see if anything looks like a match.