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Help needed to identify maker

Hello, I am trying to identify this serving spoon. It is marked “INR” twice on the stem but has no other markings. I for the life of me can’t find that makers mark anywhere. Any information this community could provide would be much appreciated!

I can’t help with what it is - only what it isn’t. It does not seem to be English, or Scottish/Irish provincial. It might help to concentrate the search if you could tell us where you are in the world and/or where you got it from.


Sorry about that. Of course that would help.

I am in the US and it was in my family’s silverware drawer growing up.

It is devoid of any hallmarks so I was trying to search coin silver makers without much success. I am 80% certain it is silver (ping test, ice cube and comparison to my marked silver).

Thanks for taking the time to respond!