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Help needed to identify the hallmarks!!!!



Can anyone identify the hall marks on this guilded berry spoon?

Many thanks!!!
spoon marks cropped.jpg


Hi, and thanks for joining us on
Your spoon is actually silver plated, not solid silver, and so the marks you see do not really mean anything. The EP in the shield stands for Electroplated, and the other marks were just used so that on first glance people would think the spoon was silver. This was made illegal in 1892, so it is quite a good indicator that your spoon is older than this, (I would guess around 1880-1885).

Are there any other marks on the spoon? I ask because I cannot find a maker relating to this particular mark.

Best regards
Daniel Franks


Hello and many thanks for your fast response.

I have had a really good look over it and cannot find any other marks. It is gold colour without any indication to me it is plated. I got this when I bought a small case from a car boot sale full of various cutlery.