Help needed to identify this mark

Hello to all. I am posting from Greece. Found these silverware in my late mother’s house. I knowshe inherited them from her parents. Does anyone can identify the marks on the photos which l’m hoping l’ll manage to post

Although I cannot identify the manufacturer it is almost certain that it is electroplated and not silver. W&G may be the Sheffield company Watson & Gillott but I am not sure whether they used the crossed hammers device as part of their trademark.


Thank you. Even though you are not certain, it’s more than l could find on my own

Its an Austrian company (or perhaps an Austrian branch of Watson & Gillett). They were noted for working with brass but there is not a lot of information out there. The one mention of age for a brass object that I could find gave an age range of 1900 to 1940.

Thanks for your contribution, NeilB. I have to ask, though, did you mean Australian rather than Austrian? The 6 pint capacity noted in the mark (“6 P T”) does not seem to work for Austria.