Help needed to name identification marks

I have a set of fish knives & forks with this stamp on, I’m just trying to identify the marks.
Thank you in advance

This mark doesn’t show up on any of the electroplate identification sites which I normally consult. H&H may be Harrison Brothers & Howson of Sheffield but it may not even be a British mark. The final 2 letters, EP, identify your pieces as electroplate, not silver.


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Thank you, I’ve searched & searched, I can’t find any info, apart from ElectroPlate.
I wasn’t sure if it was H&H, M&M or gatehouse type stamp.

I thought maybe it’s not a letter, but rather a drawing of a tower with a door, two towers actually.

Same, but can’t find anything

Also, it could be Swiss/German or Canadian?
My grandparents had links to both. Although I would be surprised if not British it would have EP on?