Help needed - unknown hallmark

Hello everyone,
Thank you very much for including me in this forum.
I have registered here because I am looking for information about a piece of silver cutlery from an inheritance.
It’s about a fork with the hallmarks in the photos.
Can anyone tell me anything about its origin and age? In particular, I can’t make any sense of the hallmark on the far right.
I look forward to your ideas and answers.
Many thanks and best wishes from Cologne!

It is German 800/1000 silver made after 1886/8. You may narrow it down if you find any info about the maker (Scholtz).

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Scholtz is most probably the retailer. The strange mark to the right of 800 is the maker’s mark. I had a quick look through the makers’ marks here and the closest I could find was that of Forster & Graf of Swabisch Gmund, active until 1983, although I’m not convinced it’s a complete match.


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Thanks for the interesting link.
In my opinion, it looks more like Hugo Sandig, doesn’t it?

Sandig is certainly a possibility. Note, of course, that the list of makers on that link is only a small selection. There is another list at Marks and Hallmarks of German silver and silverplate (from 1888) which you might like to look through.

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