help needed with reading hallmarks

I have a Silver Salver which and I am trying to work out where this item might originate from and date the item and I’m guessing this can done from the hallmark? Any help or advice that anyone could offer on this item would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Silver salver3.jpg
Silver salver2.jpg
Silver salver1.jpg

Hi Rosie,
You can indeed tell where and when sterling silver was made by its hallmarks. The marks on your salver tell us that it was made in Dublin (the crowned harp mark) in 1926 (the date letter is a shaped L). The Hibernian mark was used in Ireland instead of the lion passant to show that the piece had been assayed (tested for purity) and found to be sterling silver, and the W mark is the makers mark for a company called West & Sons

Hope that helps
Best regards