help needed

i am trying to find information on this mark, a few items were passed down to us when our grandmother died, she had mentioned that these had been passed down a few generations, but althou i have looked i can not find any information on them.
i have posted a picture not sure if it is any good
thanks for your help

Hello -

This mark is attributed to silverplate made by the Barker Bros. Silver Co. It was formed in Birmingham England in 1860, and opened an American branch in NY about 1897. They joined the Ellis Silver Co. in 1931, becoming known as Barker-Ellis. ( In the US it was known as Ellis-Barker.)

If you could post a picture of the piece this mark is found on, as well as any additional markings, it would really help to give you additional information, such as a better time frame. (The picture you posted of the mark is really very good!)


thank you for your post :slight_smile:
it was not easy getting the pic that clear, trust me. :laughing:
there are no other markings on the silver accept for these 2.
i have posted a pic of the things i have with it they all have the same markings except for the spoon which has W H & S plus 2 more that i can not make(sorry i can not get a clear enough pic of this). :angry:
hope these pics are clear enough for you and i look forward to receiveing for reply.

thank you
sue :smiley:

was just wondering if anyone can give me any more information on these photos.

thank you in advance

Hello Sue -

I keep hoping someone else will jump in here with more knowledge about the Barker company - much of the information I find from different sources conflicts with each other. Some say founded in 1860, others say founded in 1801, some say merged with Ellis in the 1930’s, some say in the 1960’s. Even for a silver company, their history seems more complicated than most (and that’s saying something!)

Stylistically, your piece looks late 19th century to me, but there is quite a bit of glare (sorry) so I can’t see the engravng very well - it does look quite nice. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, I just didn’t want to leave you hanging. Maybe someone else will have furthur insight!


i have looked up your mark and i have the exact same marking in front of me and it translates to ''old sheffield plate of 1821 blagden, hodgson &co i hope that helps