Help needed!!!

i bought a toast rack in a charity shop, it has a hallmark but i have been unable to identify it, is it silver and where was it made?

thanks in advance


Looks to me like a silverplate mark used by Harrison Brothers & Howson. Check here:

Thanks Snuffer.

letter/marks are as follows, A1-J- R--**-
all are incased with insignia/cresent, i’m sorry as i’m old and don’t know how to up-load a photo of fork. Any comments would be very welcome. Thanks

For a new query you should really start a new thread rather than adding to an older one. However it sounds as if your fork is silver plate as A1 is frequently used on electroplate. The maker may be Joseph Rodgers & Sons of Sheffield, but I can’t be sure without a picture.

Adding a picture to a post is not too complicated - when you start a thread or reply to a post you will see a box just below where you are typing entitled “Add an Attachment”. Just use the “Browse” button to find the picture on your computer and then click the “Add Attachment” button. You should ensure beforehand the the picture is not too large - maximum width or height should ideally not exceed 500 pixels.

i have two marks on a silver and copper coloured wall plaque i do not know if it is silver mark or not can any one tell me what the marks mean. the plaque is about 28" in diamiter and weighs 14.90oz it is a silver metal and seems to have a copper plating on the top surface, can any one help?[/img]