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Help on Hallmarks

Hi, this is my first post- so please bare with…
Baffled by these hallmarks, found on a pair of sugar tongs. Engraving to the top of Monogram QMA intertwined with crown above. Also can’t find any references to these hallmarks. S G&CO N ?
Continental? British? …
Any Help would be greatly appreciated!
sugar tongs.jpg
sugar tongs.jpg
silver tongs.jpg

I don’t recognise the marks but I would say almost certainly English electroplate. Can you post a clearer picture of the marks with less of an angle on them?

Hi, Thanks for getting back. These pictures need to be 500 pixels only…hope these are more clear. Just can’t make out what’s in the shield. Or what the initials could stand for.

Thanks for the extra picture, Christian. The letters are actually “E&Co” and that is also what it says in the shield. These are trade marks of Elkington & Co of Birmingham and the letter N is Elkington’s date code for 1899. So your tongs are definitely English electroplate.

That’s great! Many thanks! Now to find out what the qma under crown stand for… Thank you