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Help on identifying these marks

Hi there, I’ve come across an eight place setting canteen of flatware containing the following mark. It’s a bit hard for me to be certain if this is an authentic mark or not. The marks are quite small and the seller is unable to provide more details or confirm the mark either, so I’m a bit skeptical. Any ideas here?

This looks completely genuine. It is a London sterling silver hallmark for the assay year 1836/37 and has the maker’s mark of Chawner & Co. MC is Mary Chawner, the widow of William Chawner II, who ran the company from his death in 1834 until 1840.


Hi Phil,

Firstly, thanks for the reply - much appreciated. You have a brilliant eye to extract such detailed information from such small hard to see markings.

In your opinion, would GBP 1.890 / USD 2.568 be a reasonable asking price for a place setting of eight containing those markings?

Kind regards,


I suggest that you check out Ebay’s “sold” listings to see what sort of price individual pieces or small groups of this or similar patterns are going for. Then you can make up your own mind. I note that the knife blades are modern replacements so you should investigate whether their handles match the rest of the set.

Thanks for the tips! I’ll take a look at the Sold listings and gauge the price of similar pieces and patterns. Thanks again, Phil