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Help Please. Can Anyone tell me the date and maker please.

Hi everyone, I collect silver and gold coins, but on my last trip out I saw a very nice silver watch fob chain, I purchased this as well as some other bits and bobs. But I have no idea who/what or where the silver marks are from. It is definitely 925 as it has this but the other marks I have not seen before.
Thank you in advance for any help!

:blush: Or any info at all would be good, :blush:

The left-most mark is the sponsor’s mark (illegible unfortunately). The next two marks comprise what is known as a “Convention Mark”. This is a European standard which was introduced into the UK c1970s. It was not much used initially so most examples date from about 1990 onwards. Note that there is no date mark so accurate dating is impossible. The third mark is the London Assay Office’s import mark.

Thats excellent, Thank you very much!!