help please on silver child's spoon and pusher

hi there,
i am pretty new to this and i really don’t know where to post these, but i don’t think they are british, so please be patient with me.
today i picked up a lovely pair of silver child’s spoon and pusher.
they have a standing teddy bear with a bow around his neck as the handle.
on the back of the handle, below ted,the spoon has the letters AJ or is it I in script followed by an indistinct mark where it hasn’t stamped around the curve. below it has the numbers 925.
on the bottom of the pusher there are the letters AJ or is it I, in a gothic type font, closely followed by a stamped image of a chesspiece knight [i think]. below inverted are the numbers 925.
i have attached 3 photos.
can anyone help me with a country of origin, maker and age/date?
any help woould be much appreciated.