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Help please to identify marks

Can anyone please help identify the date of this silver man’s bracelet and also the maker’s mark?
I’ve tried to Google it, but can only discover that one mark is for sterling silver, the next for London. I think the third is for “duty paid” but am not sure what period.

The date mark - a curly letter C I can’t identify and the maker’s mark - JP in a diamond shape I also cannot find.

Would be grateful for any help.
Photos attached.
Many thanks[/img]
Silver man bracelet 02.JPG
Silver man bracelet 04.JPG

You need to have another go at the pictures - remember to use the “Preview” button to check what your post looks like. Note that you can edit your original post.

Thank you - hadn’t realised that I had to compress the photos before attaching - another steep learning curve…!!

I cannot identify the maker’s mark but the hallmark shows that the bracelet was assayed in London in 1977. The Queen’s head mark is not a duty mark but rather a special commemorative mark for the Silver Jubilee.

Thank you for that information.The maker’s mark is certainly a puzzle - I’ve researched everywhere I can find on the internet with no success. And you are an expert…
Maybe it’s a one-off by a small artisan somewhere.
Thanks for your help.

The problem with identifying modern (post-1900) makers’ marks is that there are very few published references and those that do exist (with the exception of a very good work on Chester marks) are far from comprehensive. There is certainly nothing useful covering London marks registered after 1912.

Thanks for your help anyway.