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Help please to identify these marks

Hello all, can you please help me to identify these markings on forks? Are they solid silver? Thanks in advance, Dave

The gothic lettering reads C&H and are the manufacturer’s initials, but unfortunately unidentified. NS almost certainly stands for nickel silver which is a pewter-like base metal alloy. It is often electroplated but is then normally designated as EPNS. In summary it is not silver.


Thank you Phil. I was afraid that was the case. I have another one here if you can help, I thought all 4 uploaded the first time…new to the forum

3rd fork

4th fork

These are also either electroplated or base metal. Both P&W and JF&S are unidentified manufacturers although we can guess with some certainty that the latter were from Sheffield due to the extra “S” in the mark. “Non-stain” suggests that the material is pure base metal without electroplating.

Thank you, I hoped the rubbed marks on 2 and might have meant something better but thanks for the information

Would you have an idea of how old these are? Do they have any value?

They have no particular value. You might be better off finding a use for them at home. Dating non-silver pieces is virtually impossible - probably 20th century is about the best I can do.

Ok, thank you for your help

Thank you again, they sold very well for items of no value👍