i have a silver bowl & a small tea/coffee or hot water pot.
please can anybody identify the hallmark?
many thanks
silver 002.jpg

The lozenge mark with cut ends is an Italion mark used 1944-1968.
The letters MI stand for the provence Milano.
Numbers 859 would identify the manufacturer, but I can’t help you there.

thank you now i know which country now i might be able to date it

Can anyone please help on this partially rubbed hallmark. Thankyou.
Sorry, can’t seem to load a photo for some reason.
Two rubbed away Capital letters, lion passant, plain leopards head, and the capital letter K. (Just like todays capital K - no fancy letter etc.) Thankyou.


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Thankyou silvermarks but I don’t know if I did something wrong when I had to ‘tick or untick’ boxes when registering (not very computer savvy), but when I tried to load a photo, it kept telling me it has to be a certain size. My photos are all email/thumbnail sizes so I have no idea how to amend this. :blush: Will give it another try as you suggest. Thankyou.