Help please with this tea or coffee pot

Hi please can anyone help with this hallmark

Thank you in anticipation

Not a hallmark as this is an electroplate (EP) mark. The manufacturer was George Bowen & Son of Birmingham. It must date from before about 1892 as the use of a crown on electroplate was outlawed around that time.


Thank you Phil that is really interesting and helpful
Steph x

Why aren’t they called hallmarks? I realize the silver-plating companies were trying to produce an item that appeared to be sterling using markings which essentially do the same thing as registered hallmarks. I just call them silver plate hallmarks.Most websites distinguish the two types of hallmarks…

I am being a bit pedantic here, I know, but the salient part of the hallmark name is “hall”. Goldsmiths guilds were based in guild halls and the guilds were responsible for ensuring that their members produced gold and silver of the correct quality. To do this they conducted independent testing or “assaying” of the metals. They then apply the relevant “hallmark”. Thus a hallmark is an absolute guarantee of precious metal fineness. I even object to the word being used for silver manufacturers’ own marks which self-declare “sterling” for example. Widespread usage of a word is no reason to perpetuate slackness.

Rant over…

I agree with your statement. Society however is a strong force and the overwhelming majority of individuals refer to them as hallmards so I will conform to my societies use and may also be a bit pedantic…Widespread usage of a word is how language changes and hallmark is but a small example.