Help required please

Good afternoon, can anyone kindly identify the below ‘teapot’ for meand maybe tell me a little about it.

It was handed down to me a few years ago and has sat unloved and cared for since in a cupboard. It was my fathers who did his Nationsl service in Bahrain, Aden and Keyna but i do not know if it is foreign or British.

There are no hallmarks that i can see and some damage on the lid hinge which i assume was caused by some kind of electrolysis process occurring over the years.

It’s 10 1/2 inches tall with the lid and weighs 1lb 13.6 oz or 838 grams.
I take it that it is some kind of plated silver as i can see a darker metal underneath (copper ??)

Does it still have any value with the damage present ?

Thanks in advance.