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Help to ID airline silver coin/token

Greetings all! I came across some of these 18 gram (.57 troy oz) sterling airplane tail fins (stabilizers) that look to be an anniversary, or commemorative type coin for Trans International Airlines. I have searched up and down various silver hallmarks, and can’t seem to find this one anywhere. I can’t even find a similar piece, leading me to believe there aren’t that many of them. It’s possible I’m not using great search words, but I have reviewed hundreds of silver hallmarks. Usually don’t have this much trouble I.D.'ing such items. Hallmark photo attached as well as images of the piece. First looks like a right facing symbol of a bird, not an actual bird. Looks more like a dagger with a large right facing handle. Second is the number 78. Third is the letter P. The word STERLING appears before these marks. Just trying to figure out who made these so I can research how many were made, when, etc.