Help to identify four sets of marks on tray...

Hi, I was wondering if you could shed some light on this tray please! My mother inherited it some time ago and we have taken it to a few dealers without any success in identifying the marks. One dealer said it was sterling silver but we’re not sure. There are also numbers stamped on the back which are: W11/16, as I could only upload 3 photos. Many thanks in advance! :smiley:
009 (4).JPG
006 (3).JPG
004 (4).JPG

I would think that BSCEP = Barbour Silver Company ElectroPlate (Once of Hartford Connecticut).
Other members may know the rest of the marks, but my guess is that the crosses are journeymen’s marks, and the third photo shows family crests.

I’m not sure about the stars and cross - as this is mass-produced electroplate would they have had a journeyman’s mark? The other marks are part of Barbour’s trade marks; see

I also have the 2 stars & cross as well as the middle ‘crest’ (as described before) on a pair of candelabras that I believe to be Barbour. Is there any way to find out when these were made? I’ve tried searching the internet, but I’m still new at this silver thing.