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Help to Identify Pattern, Maker, Date


Can someone identify the pattern, maker and date for this very pretty fork and tell me if the stone above the thistle is precious or just glass
Marks on the back include the lion passant, anchor for birmingham and date mark of “C”
Thanks so much
4  marks thistle fork 1.jpg
2 whole thistle fork 3.jpg
1 whole thistle fork 2 back.jpg


Hello Jill -

See if you can get a close up picture of the marks, and also of the finial at the top. Your pictures are good, they’re just not close enough for the details. Thanks.



Here’s a second try at pictures
thistle 2 001 done.jpg
thistle 2 002 done.jpg
thistle 002.jpg


Hello Jill

Well, this lion and anchor really is Birmingham, the “c” is the date code for 1902. Unfortunately that’s about all I can tell you. With such good pictures, I’m sure someone here can help you with the maker’s mark. It looks like a souvenir piece to me, but I’m not certain. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.



Looking at the Birmingham Makers’ Mark of C & N, I found what I think is a match in an Encylopedia of Silver Marks - Crisford & Norris, Birmingham - maker’s mark reg. 1898
Does this seem accurate for this piece?


Hello Jill -

See, isn’t “silver-sleuthing” fun!?! Yes, that is the Crisford and Norris mark, they seem to have specialized in a wide range of novelty items -my best guess is that this is probably a Scottish souvenir item.



Hello Lisa,
Thanks for confirmation on the Crisford and Norris mark. Yes, “silver-sleuthing” is great fun and as you stated in another post - quite addicting! I have lots of silver recently acquired from family estates so I will surely be posting more inquiries. It is all very interesting.
Thanks again