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Help to Identify Pattern, Maker, Date

If anyone can help identify the pattern, maker and date for these tongs, I would appreciate it. Thanks so much.
3 tongs claws and S pattern.jpg
2 tongs claws and S patt.jpg
1 tongs claws and S sterling.jpg

Hello Jill -

This is by the Whiting Manufacturing company. The name of the pattern is St. Germaine. It is not a very common pattern, and I’m afraid I don’t have a date for it. I’ll see if I can find out a little more.


Hi Jill -

Just a little more information - St Germaine was introduced in 1906, but it was a not produced in a full line. That means that it was not produced in full place settings with all the typical serving pieces - just certain “fancy” pieces and perhaps teaspoons were made.
I love the detail on the “claws” of Whiting tongs!


You are such a wonderful resource
Thank you for responding to my posts