Help to Identify Pattern, Maker, Date

If anyone can help identify the pattern, maker and date for this spoon, I would appreciate it. Also, I consider this a soup spoon. Would you?
Thanks so much.
3 Soup Spoon.jpg
2 Soup Spoon.jpg
1 Soup Spoon.jpg

Good Morning, Jill -

This is not a pattern I’m very familiar with - I think it is “Revere” by International Silver. I’m not clear from the picture if there’s a maker’s mark next to the word “sterling” -do you think you could get a closer up picture? If it is Revere it was introduced in 1898.

This is indeed a soup spoon, but which type depends on the length. A bouillon spoon is about 5 1/2", a cream soup is approx. 6 1/4" and a “gumbo” spoon would be just shy of 7". All of these lengths are very approximate, there was a great deal of variety between manufacturers, and even between patterns, as to which spoons would be produced and what name they would be called.


Hi Lisa,
Thank you for looking at my spoon. I have added couple of pictures. The maker’s mark looks like an Indian Head. What do you think?
Soup 002a.jpg
Soup 001.jpg

Hi Jill -

Good pictures! That confirms that it is Revere by international. The Indian head mark was used by the Meriden Britannia Co. after it acquired Wilcox and Evertson in 1896. “Revere” was actually the first sterling flatware pattern produced by Meriden Britannia (in 1897.) (M-B had been a longtime producer of high quality plated silver.)When International Silver was formed (in 1898) M-B was really the keystone around which it was formed - many other smaller silversmiths joined together, making International Silver the world’s largest manufacturer of silverware.

Most of these companies were located in Connecticut, which is where I grew up (a “nutmegger” is a native of Connecticut.) I find the history of the interrelationship of these companies to be fascinating - please forgive me if I go on a bit more than you really wanted to know!! :blush:


Oh, please go on and on …
I am fiinding silver sleuthing to be a great hobby and look forward to your posts - love all the information you provide, which I use to do further research for my own curiosity and interest
Coincidentally, I also grew up in Connecticut -
Thanks so much