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Help to Identify Pattern, Maker, Date

If anyone can help identify the pattern, maker and date for these spoons, I would appreciate it. They look the same …. BUT … The date letters are different and one has a maker’s mark of RG and GS (horizontally) and the other with RG vertically. Same pattern – produced in different years?? I have assumed they are sterling based on the lion passant. Right ?? Thanks so much.
spoon 3 RG.jpg
spoon 2  RG.jpg
spoon 1 RG.jpg

These spoons are in Old English pattern and were made in London by Richard Crossley and George Smith (both sponsors’ marks are RC over GS, but polishing has rubbed one more than the other). I am a bit mystified by your remark that the dates are different as both seem to have the date letter M for 1807.