Help to Identify Pattern, Maker, Date

If anyone can help identify the pattern, maker and date for this teapot,
I would appreciate it.
It was hard to get a good picture of the silver marks, which I believe are as follows:
Or maybe
Anchor * Lion Passant* O

Also, please confirm for me this is sterling silver

Thanks so much.
Teapot 3.jpg
Teapot 2.jpg
Teapot 1.jpg

I suggest that the maker’s mark is most likely BB over SLD. This is for Barker Brothers Silver Ltd who later became Barker Ellis Silver. The anchor of course indicates the Birmingham Assay Office and the date code letter could be lower case o for 1913 or upper case O for 1938. If the maker is definitely Barkers then the date would have to be 1938 as they were not using this maker’s mark in 1913. These marks indicate that the item is sterling silver. However I am a little confused by your second picture. “A1” is normally used on silver plate; is that the correct picture? I would expect that both body and lid would bear a set of hallmarks, probably a reduced set on the lid as per your third picture.

It is unlikely that the teapot has a pattern name - we do not seem to have the same sort of hang-up about pattern names as you do in the States.

Thanks so much for this information.
Looking with a loupe and your guidance, the maker’s mark is BB and then SL and a smaller D raised above the SL.

I have added some pictures … they are not the best !!
Very hard to capture on shiny silver

The maker’s marks are on the body of the teapot.

The Lion Passant and definitely an upper case O are on the inside of the lid of the teapot.

This teapot is part of a set: tea pot, coffee pot, sugar and creamer
On the bottom of the coffee pot: there is either an upper case R or A and Made in England
On the bottom of the sugar bowl and creamer: just an upper case A and Made in England

The A1 is on the bottom of the teapot – could just the bottom of these pieces be silver plate ?
Teapot 1c.jpg
Teapot 1b.jpg
Teapot 1a.jpg

Yes, that’s definitely the Barker Brothers mark. The whole piece would be sterling and the “A1” probably has no real significance.

Thanks so much for looking at the pictures I sent and providing additional information
I appreciate it