Help to Identify Pattern, Mark, Date

If anyone can help identify the pattern and date for this basket, I would appreciate it. This basket is stamped Alvin Sterling but I cannot identify the mark that is pictured. It is not the maker’s mark associated with Alvin Sterling that I have found in my research. Can you tell me about the mark that looks like a pineapple ??
It is also stamped with the number 5796.
Thanks so much.
alvin mark 3.jpg
alvin sterling 2.jpg
alvin basket  1.jpg

I can’t tell you anything useful as it is not my area, but the mark looked at the other way up is a sword with a laurel wreath.

Its Alvin Corporation, Providence, Rhode Island, USA. The “pineapple” mark is probably a retailer’s mark. The words “Alvin Sterling” is one of the many marks that was used by Alvin, probably after 1928 when Alvin Siiver Co. became Alvin Corporation. The number is a pattern number.


Uncle Vic

Thank you for this information …