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Help to identify piece of Walker & Hall flatware

Hi, I would be very grateful if somebody could kindly identify this piece of silver plate flatware made by Walker & Hall. I have searched different websites trying to one identical but without sucess. It looks like a spoon but the bowl is curved in length but completly flat across the width. Would anybody be able to tell the date from the hallmark aswell.

Many thanks


I believe it is a sardine server and would probably have had a matching fork. Note that the marks are not strictly speaking hallmarks which only appear on precious metals. However Walker & Hall did date-code their silver plate and the Greek letter nu is the date code here. Unfortunately there is no central reference for these codes, but one of our contributors may be able to help.

Nice sardine server from 1914. The pattern is “Old English” .

Thankyou for help to indentify this piece.

Many thanks

Russell :smiley: