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Help to identify silver cup

Hello all. This cup came from Germany and is dated 1506. The markings on the bottom are 12 and as.

From what I gather the number 12 refers to .750 silver but I’m not sure what the as stands for.

After I confirm that it’s indeed silver, I’ll post in the what it’s worth forum.

Thanks in advance.

Can anyone confirm that the 12 stamped on the bottom signifies .750 silver?

Any idea what this 500+ year old cup is worth?

you need to post better Pictures of marks.

Style of this beaker is 18hundreds - i.e. 150-200 years old.

Thanks for the reply, here is a close up picture of the markings on the bottom of the cup.

absolutely its silver and 12 means that it is 12/16 parts silver and 4/16 parts cobber. A standard german silver content.
Makers mark is nor AS but MS - not that it makes much difference. I germany you have to search by city - and without more info is a maze and almost impossible.
But could be that someone can.