Help to identify the hallmark and the lid

I bought these 3 pieces at an auction today and I would like your help to identify the origin, please. I no longer have photos or access to the items yet.

I was able to identify the letters “W”, without the visible region and the “C” with the Birmingham hallmark. So I believe it is from 1921 and 1927 respectively, correct? Does anyone know who the manufacturer is, please?

My other question is the material of the lid, it looked like a turtle shell to me, am I correct?

Thank you very much

You have correctly identified the dates as Birmingham 1921 (w) and 1927 (C). The maker’s (or more properly sponsor’s) mark is that of Mappin & Webb Ltd.

Although the lid looks like tortoiseshell it is more likely to be faux or imitation tortoiseshell. There are various tests you can perform to find out, all documented on the net.


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Hi Phil, I understand, thank you very much!