Help? Two silver brooches donated to our pet rescue.... (#1)


We’ve received a number of very nice silver pieces to sell for our pet rescue. I’ve been able to identify most of them, but these two have me stuck. The first is a silver tulip measuring 3.75" long. It’s marked on the front with the letter BIV (looks like) and a small sword, a guy on another message board told me was used to mark small Dutch items between 1814 and 1953 with a silver fineness of .833 or higher. Another guy said “M Bijkamp en Co in Steenwijk used a slightly different “B1V” maker´s mark before 1946.” I can find almost nothing about this maker, one brooch and a couple pieces of flatware. Does anyone know more about this maker or other possible meanings of the mark?

Any help you could give would be most appreciated!!!