Help with .935 watch

Hi All,
Hope someone can help me with an old Ladies watch, it has two stamp marks on the back one is Sterling .925 and the other .925 R. I would be grateful for information on the year and maker of same.

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Ladies Watch back.gif
Ladies Watch.gif
Stamp on back of futura watch.jpg

It’s difficult to tell as the mark is blurred, but I think that the lower set of marks could be Dublin import marks with the date letter R being probably the one for 1959.

Many thanks, any idea where it was made, all it says on the face is Futura 17 jewels. it is in working order by I can not find any details of a watch like it.

The use of .935 silver narrows it down to Austria, Germany and Switzerland. I guess Switzerland is the most likely source given its large watchmaking industry. Sorry, that’s the best I can do.

many thanks