Help with a hard to read assay mark!

I have a set of 12 silver fish knives and (sadly) 11 fish forks, definitely not plate, with bone handles. The assay marks are very small and the cutlery was much used (I should know, they were my mother’s!) and I wonder if anyone can decipher the marks? WH in an oval suggests the Birmingham maker WM Hayes, but I’ve seen that the criss-cross mark to the left can mean Sheffield…? Help!

Im affraid i think it is plated please see below

I agree: electroplated. The lettering reads WH&S EP which is correctly identified by the previous poster as William Hutton & Sons, electroplate. The crossed arrows mark is their trademark.


Thanks. I got a better picture today in daylight, see below. Agreed, it’s electroplated. I have to say the electroplating was of a very high quality because there’s no visible wear on them and they got a huge amount of use. Oh well. Thanks both of you for replying.

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