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Hello. I am having real trouble identifying the silver mark on my cutlery set.

The maker appears to be Duncan & Scobbie (D&S) but I am not sure what the third mark is or the date (letter G). It may be Scottish silver?

i have attached a photo and a sketch of the third mark as it has not appeared too well in the photo.

Many thanks

I think the ‘G’ would simply be the indication of a Glasgow mark on electroplated silver, not the date letter. The ‘D&S’ would have to be seen to identify the maker.


Thank you. Sorry, the maker image is too large to post on here however, I have established that it is definately Duncan & Scobbie. As I mentioned it is the diamond like mark I am having a problem with - I have attached slightly clearer photo and ofcourse my previous diagram

Thank you.

It could also be Davis & Son, another Glasgow electroplater.

Yes I thought that too … however, the mark would underline it … i think the faux lion’s head mark is just a solace mark of the day.

Thank you, yes you are in fact correct - it is Davis & Sons. There was confusion as the set came with Fifth-Brearlet stainless knives from Duncan & Scobbie.

thanks again for your help.