Help with a Silver Teapot!

Hi everyone,

Just made this account up today as I’m in desparate need to identify some hallmarks. I’ve tried my best with Google, spent hours looking for these hallmarks but not winning. My dad used to go to boot sales & would usually come home with bits and pieces for me, now since he’s passed away, I can’t ask his advice on these things any more! :frowning:

Just want to know what these hallmarks are, there is a possibilty this isn’t even silver in the first place, because of where it’s from, but if it is, that would be great!

Ok I’ll describe the hallmarks first off. There is firstly a capital A inside a circle, followed by a B inside a square/circle (bit work so I can’t really tell)! Then there is what I can only describe as a ‘cloud shape’ inside a rectangle & finally a medieaval looking capital letter S. Above is a letter 4 & underneath are the letters 5708 & underneath that some kind of faded flower hallmark?

I’ll upload a photo, so see what you think!

Here is a photo!!

As you suspected this is not silver. The marks are electroplate marks of Atkin Brothers of Sheffield. You can find a bit more information and see exmples of their marks here.

Thanks for the reply!! :slight_smile:

Any idea what it would be (which metal)? It looks a darkish silver at the minute but needs a clean!

The surface layer is silver. In electroplating a very thin layer of pure silver is deposited by an electrochemical process onto a base metal. The base metal could be any electrically conductive metal; nickel silver (which bizarrely contains no silver) is the most common. but copper and proprietary alloys are also seen.

As the surface of your teapot is silver you can clean it using a silver polish, but remember that the silver layer is very thin and will eventually wear through.