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Help with brooch hallmark

Purchased a lovely silver brooch today.

I could see the lion and anchor so knew it was Birmingham silver - but I wanted to know the date as well.

I think it’s 1901 but the lion is before the anchor - does that matter?

Could someone tell me what date it is as I’m just not sure.

Also uploaded a pic of what I think os the makers mark in case anyone recognises it.


The order of the individual parts of the hallmark is not significant but the date letter here is actually “v” for 1895. One significant point about the hallmark is that the anchor is on its side. From 1900 it reverted to being upright.

There is not enough of the maker’s mark left to be 100% sure about the first letter but it could be T with T.W being T Wooley.


Amazing - thank you! Now you have said it’s a V it so clearly matches the 1895 mark. Interesting about the anchor, I just assumed it was due to lack of space.

Thanks for the recommendation for maker. I will have a look and see if they have other items in the same style.

Really appreciate it - this was my first foray into antique hallmarks and it’s been so interesting. I can feel a new expensive hobby developing :smile: