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Help with Date and Manufacturer required.


Hi I have a small christening cup which I have established is Silver but I need some help with the date and maker. It has a shamrock with the letters DHM and also another hallmark with the letter S. Please help.



Hi Janette,
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It is very hard for me to be able to help you without seeing an image of the marks, date letters were cycled, with the style of the letter changing and the shape of the shield changing. Therefore an S could represent 1766, 1790, 1814, 1838, 1863, 1888 etc and without seeing a picture it is impossible for me to distinguish between them.

If you can post an image I will be much more able to help.
(Jonathan’s advise on how to photograph silver and prepare the images for use on the site can be found under ‘Photographing Silver’).

Best regards
Daniel Franks