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Help with date hallmark 1789 or 1809

HI I have a silver cream jug but cannot find out the date marks the closet I can get is 1789 or 1809 Can anyone please help? Thanks

Normally it is not possible to tell the difference between the “o” of 1789 and the “O” of 1809. However in this case I can be absolutely certain that it’s 1789. The reason is that the maker’s mark is that of Hester Bateman who retired in 1790 when she handed over her business to her sons Peter and Jonathan who then registered and used a PB over IB mark.


Phil I really appreciate the info I have spent hours trying to find out thanks again and take care

HI thanks very much for telling me the last mark cheeky i know but do you know what this one is thanks

A Chick & Sons Ltd. London 1970. You might like to visit my web site if you have any further queries: