Help with Dating Harrods London Nut Dish

Hi - I am new to the forum…We purchased a large nut dish - and are trying to get some information on it…it was made by Harrods of London - EPNS - which I believe means electroplate nickel silver - it seems to have a mark after that and a series of numbers. I am going to attach the hallmark as well as the nut dish itself. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Hello - I tried attaching the nut dish but my file is too large for the forum - if it will help with identification - year, etc. I can email it…thanks again for any assistance.

There’s not very much more to tell you!!

EPNS was gradually replaced by silver plated copper in the 40s/50s which has continued to be the norm right up to the present day. In fact amateur collectors often mistake 50s silver plated copper for Georgian Old Sheffield Plate (which is also on copper but much older and made in a totally different process)

A1 is a meaningless bit of marketing which some plate makers used around the early 20th century. It was supposed to imply a higher quality of plate than the norm, presumably a thicker layer of silver. However, it wasn’t regulated in any way.

The A1 mark is usually found between approx 1890 - 1940. So that helps date your piece very roughly.

The number is a serial number for the design.

Regards, Jonathan