help with hall mark

Hi good people

Could someone help me identify what this hallmark is please.

It is on a cake knife which has a lovely mother of pearl handle and has a matching fruit fork.

Any information would be appreciated. This item was inherited from my granddad and we know nothing about it.

Thanks in advance.

Looks like British silverplate marks to me.
Believe your picture of them is upside-down.

Thanks for the reply - I wasn’t sure which way round it went - made no sense to me either way shrugs :blush:

Is this any better?

Yes, that looks right.

The last mark, EP in an oval, stands for ElectroPlated, so your knife is silverplated.
The S likely stands for Sheffield.
The use of a crown in a cartouche on British silverplate was banned around 1897. So, your knife dates to before 1897.

First two letters are difficult, for me, to identify. I think they are GW or CW. Could not find a match in my references.

Thanks for your help - I will see if there is a local siversmith or antique dealer can help with the rest.

At least we know the approximate date.