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Help with hallmark please

Hey there,

I picked up a nice teapot with 1762 London Hallmarks, but I just can’t figure out the maker, I’m not even sure if I’m looking at it the right-way-up.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I’ll throw my hat in the ring for this & suggest - hallmarked for London 1759, with the maker’s mark being Alexander Johnson (reg: 1758…1763).
Would be good to see the piece if poss.

In fact correctly 1762

Thanks Tomnik, that’s very useful.

Here’s a pic of the teapot in question. I have just found a second set of hallmarks on the handle for Henry Holland, which I guess is c1860, though there is no date stamp, just a bust of young Victoria and the Lion mark. There are some pins in the handle near the insulators, so I assume there was some kind of later repair performed by Holland.

I bought this for way less than scrap, I’d prefer to get it to the hands of a collector if it’s worth more than melt, what do you think?

Always good to have a look at the ‘completed’ pages of the famous online auction site:
try this : - … H_Complete


a picture of item is importent. In 17?? the handle would be made of wood. Only later the ivory slice made it possible to use handle of silver.
Right now I cannot remember when the ivory slice was introduced.

But a picture is importent when trying to identify marks - timeperiod, style is importent.

Thanks to a lovely gentleman from this forum, I have major auction house records of 4 Alexander Johnson Teapots and 3 Kettles from 1762 or earlier that all have silver handles with ivory insulators. I should have just searched Christie’s, Sotheby’s etc. in the first place!

Seems unlikely they would all have replaced handles, none of the auction records mention it.

Sorry can’t help with your question but I have one of my own, if anyone knows…will post a good pic if necessary. Please and Thank you for any help…its a beautiful piece. It is “Poole Silver Co.” or “Peerless”. Thanks again.